We exist and are able to serve babies in need because of a strong volunteer corps. Getting involved is easy and the experience is meaningful. Please contact us if you want to help in our mission to keep every baby in Middlesex County in clean diapers.

Join the Sorting Club!

We distribute clothing to our clients thanks to generous clothing donations. But we need help sorting all of those cute outfits so they are ready for a family! Host a fun event…Sip-and-Sort…Sort-and-Shmear…Sort-and-Shmooze…and help us make this gift to our clients special.

Join “Team Yard Sale”

We have had great success receiving donations of baby clothing from yard sales. Join Team Yard Sale and have fun cruising around on your weekend, collecting clothing and gear, and helping the little ones we serve.

Host a Diaper Drive

The most effective way to get involved with the Diaper Bank is to host a diaper drive. And we have made it very easy! Our volunteers get faith communities, social groups, businesses, or even their friends on Facebook to open their hearts and give generously.